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SGAHS Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

SGAHS Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


Spring Grove Area High School students had the opportunity to visit the IAC to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and participate in various activities. Mr. Richards curated a selection of authentic foods for students to sample.

Meanwhile, Mr. Riccio’s students prepared presentations about different countries to share with their peers, and QR codes were available for additional information and essential questions.

In Mrs. Baer’s class, students delved into the significance of peppers in Latino cuisine. Each student planted their pepper plant in the IAC’s Grow Tent, hoping to grow Christmas peppers. Students also researched Spanish-speaking countries and prominent Latino-American influencers.

HS Hispanic Heritage Month - Group of Students
HS Hispanic Heritage Month - Teacher cooking food.
HS Hispanic Heritage Month - Student planting peppers
HS Hispanic Heritage Month - student smiling