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SGAHS Field Hockey Teacher Appreciation Night

SGAHS Field Hockey Teacher Appreciation Night

SGAHS Field Hockey recently celebrated their Teacher Appreciation Night! The team expressed their gratitude and appreciation for all of our educators who have made an impact in their lives. Each senior chose a teacher to honor and awarded them with a Rocket Student Athlete Impact Award.

Thank you to our teachers for inspiring these young minds!

Carolyne Rohrbaugh with Tony Miller

Athlete: Carolyne Rohrbaugh
Teacher: Mr. Anthony

"Mr. Tony Miller has not only been an exceptional educator, but he has also been a remarkable role model. He is a dedicated teacher for all students, and I am blessed to be one of them. Mr. Miller is patient, honest, engaging, and funny. He encourages me to be a better all-around person and helps me to be a better leader. His support of my day-to-day activities sets him apart and makes me feel like I have an extra Dad while at school. Mr. Miller mentors many students to elevate leadership through our building – allowing us all to have ownership in new ideas. If we have an idea, he encourages us all to plan and make it real. He supports me on good and bad days, he believes in me and that means more than he will ever know. I am truly grateful to have him in my life as a teacher and role model. Just a reminder, this is the last time I will clean the wrestling closet."

Kendall Smith with Kara Reed

Athlete: Kendall Smith
Teacher: Mrs. Kara Reed

"I chose Mrs. Reed because she is always there for me. She has always been by my side through all of the ups and downs. Mrs. Reed is funny and kind and she goes out of her way to help all of her students. I am grateful for all of our memories and fun times in classes together. She always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you Mrs. Reed for being such an amazing teacher!"