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SGAHS Boys Soccer Teacher Appreciation Night

SGAHS Boys Soccer Teacher Appreciation Night

SGAHS Boys Soccer recently celebrated their Teacher Appreciation Night! Each senior athlete recognized a teacher that has had the biggest positive impact on them. Thank you to our teachers for inspiring these young minds!

Caiden Ernst with Julia Baer

Athlete: Caiden Ernst
Teacher: Mrs. Baer

"I may not always say it, but I mean it when I do. Thank you, Señora! Thank you for all the extra efforts you made to help me excel in your classroom. Thank you for helping me grow as a person and challenging me to become a better student inside and outside the classroom. You’re not only a teacher in the classroom but a friend. I will always be grateful for your support and kindness."

Addison Stambaugh with Katrina Kinneer

Athlete: Addison Stambaugh
Teacher: Mrs. Kinneer

"I chose Señora Kinneer because she has always been a positive influence on my day. I had her two years in a row for Spanish class. She always made me feel welcome in her classroom and was never not happy. She taught me about more than just Spanish. The thing I remember most about her class is when she split up Estaban, Ramon, and me because we watched the deer through the window and talked too much; then we wouldn’t volunteer in her class until she let us sit together again."

Henry Rumbaugh with Tony Miller

Athlete: Henry Rumbaugh
Teacher: Mr. Miller

"I have selected Mr. Miller as my most impactful teacher. I have competed with Mr. Miller as a coach for three years and have built a strong relationship with him that I will never forget. Coach Miller always has the answers for how I can improve and has been the key to my success in sports. His ability to motivate athletes to push past their perceived limits is unrivaled, and he has been a living example of discipline and hard work. Coach Miller is always willing to put in his time so that we can be successful. His dedication does not go unrecognized. He is one of the most selfless people I have met and has encouraged me to pursue opportunities that I never would have without him. I can say without a doubt that I would not be who I am today without Mr. Miller.

Dawson McMaster with Melissa Grim

Athlete: Dawson McMaster
Teacher: Mrs. Grim

"I chose Mrs. Grim because she has always been there for me. I was able to build a connection and a bond with Mrs. Grim that you can’t build with just any teacher. We talked about all different things and made conversation inside and outside the classroom. No matter the circumstance, she was willing to put in the time to help me. She is always saying hello and saying good morning with a smile on her face. She is always bringing energy and positivity to the day. She has never failed to brighten my day. She uses the words “hey kids” all the time especially when you walk into her room and just hearing that makes you feel like you belong. Mrs. Grim is just absolutely amazing and never fails to smile. She has made such a big difference in my life and especially in my high school career. She brings joy and fun inside and outside the classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Grim, for everything you have done for me. I can't thank you enough."

Dominic DeRienzo with Derrick Henning

Athlete: Dominic DiRienzo
Teacher: Mr. Henning

"I chose Mr. Henning because of his major impact on my life as both a pilot and a teacher. Through his dedication to the aviation program here at Spring Grove, he has inspired me and other students to pursue an aviation career. His support and knowledge played a tremendous role in helping me pass my FAA written exam on the first try with a 90%. By advocating for the school to purchase a basic flight simulator, he made sure kids who would not normally have the experience of flying an airplane get to experience flight. My time in the classroom with Mr. Henning will always be remembered as a fun and engaging learning experience."

Eli Angle with Travis Laird

Athlete: Eli Angle 
Teacher: Mr. Laird

"Mr. Laird, my 5th grade teacher, was one of the best out there. He created a love for math that I had no intention to have. He also was such a relatable person coming from a soccer background and knowing all the prem players. I remember during recess he introduced me to juggling around the world which is harder than you think. He would also join in basketball pickup games if we were short a man. He was a big role model for me, and I appreciate the opportunity to have him as a teacher."

Canton Marsella with Joshua Graham

Athlete: Canton Marsella
Teacher: Mr. Graham

"My favorite history teacher is Mr. Graham. Instead of a boring history class he made it fun and interesting. I learned that history was something important, so we don't make the same mistakes again. He showed me that hard work was needed for completing his class. Mr. Graham taught me a lot about U.S. history, and my favorite think we did was watch Forest Gump."