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October Rocket Staff Recognition

October Rocket Staff Recognition

Each month, the District recognizes staff members who exemplify the core principles of our "Learning Without Limits" philosophy and are celebrated and awarded for their outstanding contributions. In line with our tenets of solving complex problems, connecting with others, engaging in rigorous learning, and owning the learning, the peer-nominated program highlights those who consistently go above and beyond to foster innovation, teamwork, and personal development. 

October Rocket Recognition Winners

Connecting With Others:

  • Tim Conaway, Spring Grove Area Intermediate Teacher

    • "Tim is the person who always steps up to help when needed. He has covered classrooms while his student teacher was with him. He checks on his colleagues, making sure everyone is good.  Tim is always there to listen and solve problems. We appreciate his uplifting, positive attitude and everything he does for us. He is able to see tough situations from another angle!"

  • Morgan Molison, Spring Grove Elementary Special Education Instructional Aide

    • "Kindness is doing what you can, where you are, with what you have. Morgan embodies this statement. She goes above and beyond to connect with all students, not just the one(s) that she has been assigned to assist. She is attentive to the needs of all students and goes out of her way to help them if she can. Our students are fortunate to have her here at SGE."

Engaging in Rigorous Learning:

  • Caitlin Beegle, Spring Grove Area Intermediate Teacher
    • "Mrs. Beegle does an amazing job of helping SGI work through many technological problems and those within the classroom. She was an important part of helping students and staff be successful at JA BizTown this year! She is always there to help solve problems calmly and cooperatively!"
  • William Robinson, Spring Grove Area Intermediate Music Teacher
    • "Will is a devoted and reliable team member who connects with staff and students. A student recently stated he was "the best music teacher I'll ever have." This student believes he is providing musical opportunities that are both informational and engaging. Additionally, Will is a dedicated member of the Project Team Committee and organizes the morning announcements for the SGI broadcast team. He is always ready to lend a helping hand, organize building-wide schedules, and participate in school spirit activities."

Owning the Learning:

  • Kyle Showalter, Spring Grove Area Middle School and High School Music Teacher
    • "Kyle has the best interests of his students at heart. He encourages participation in the music program to help students grow as individuals. He is proactive and flexible with his students, as many of his musicians also excel in other areas and are active in other school-related organizations, such as academic and sporting activities. He has high standards for himself and his students and is well respected by his students due to his dedication, passion, and positive attitude."
  • Diane Breeden, Spring Grove Area High School Special Education Instructional Aide
    • "Diane Breeden is dedicated to helping students and staff wherever she can. She works hard even outside of her job to solve problems and brainstorm other approaches to reach students so she can do her best in helping them be successful."

Solving Complex Problems:

  • Dana Forry, Spring Grove Area High School Custodian
    • "Dana goes above and beyond in everything she does, from managing the pool area at the High School, to staying late whenever the custodial staff is short on help to cover weekend events to baking the ABSOLUTE BEST desserts you will ever eat. She does it all with a smile and a positive attitude and never complains. If something needs doing, it doesn't matter what it is, she does it without hesitation or direction. She truly is a big part of why the High School runs so smoothly."
  • Jaime Eyler, Spring Grove Area High School Counseling Administrative Assistant
    • "Jaime is always willing to lend a hand and help when needed. She is a wealth of knowledge and is a fantastic multitasker and problem solver. Jaime is great with the high school students and makes meaningful connections with them."