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May 2023 Staff Recognition

May 2023 Staff Recognition

Each month, the District recognizes staff members who have exemplified the Learning Without Limits tenets (connecting with others, engaging in rigorous learning, owning the learning, and solving complex problems) and those who have been a vital link or chainmaker. All SGASD staff are invited to nominate and be nominated.

The staff members chosen for the May recognition are below, as well as a description of each category. 

Congratulations, everyone! We applaud the amazing work that you are doing each and every day!

May 2023 Staff Recognition Winners

Engaging In Rigorous Learning:

  • Courtney Descheemaeker - LIU Speech and Language Pathologist
    • "Courtney strives for excellence in her students through ample and appropriate opportunities to increase their communication and social skills. She has high expectations and supports her students to achieve those expectations. She is well-versed in current research and is an excellent resource for alternative communication devices. She has given a voice to numerous students who otherwise would not have the means to communicate."
  • Sandy Kraft - SGAHS Teacher
    • "Sandy invests her time and energy into her students. She pushes students to give their best and encourages them throughout the process. Sandy has a passion for teaching students and wants them to succeed. She cultivates learning in the classroom and connects her math to real-life relevance. Students appreciate Sandy for her dedication and honesty."

Connecting With Others:

  • Mary Kauffman - PES and NSE Librarian
    • "Mary consistently goes above and beyond in connecting with peers and students. She is always willing to facilitate and assist her peers with classroom projects. She is patient and always kind to her students and other staff members."
  • Lindsey Fascetta - SGAMS Aide
    • "Mrs. Fascetta has incredible relationship-building with students. Our kids seek her out to help and spend time with her. It speaks volumes about the amount of respect they have for her. Having come in after the start of the school year, she wasted no time building and fostering meaningful relationships with students. She is an asset to the building!"

Owning The Learning:

  • Chelsea Slate - NSE Teacher
    • "Chelsea makes sure she gets to know each of her students to learn their strengths, weaknesses, and interests. She uses that information to form lasting bonds with her students. Those bonds help to develop respect and rapport in her classroom, which in turn increases her students' engagement in learning. Students feel safe and supported in her classroom."
  • Sierra Rhodes - SGAMS Teacher
    • "Sierra does an outstanding job of cultivating learning in fun and unique ways in Social Studies class by developing and organizing “STEM” activities in her classes." 

Solving Complex Problems:

  • Elizabeth Zumbrum - SGE Custodian
    • "Elizabeth exemplifies pride, enthusiasm, and a team player attitude daily. She started only two months ago and demonstrates senior tenure skills already." 
  • Kelly Messinger - SGI Special Education Teacher
    • "Kelly works hard to ensure all learners, not just those on her caseload, are given the opportunity to be successful. She works well with and is supportive of her team teachers, too! She is a team player!" 


  • Christian Ehrhart - SGAHS Assistant Principal
    • "Christian is an administrator who connects with teachers and students. He invests time in teachers to develop relatable lessons that reach each student. Christian asks a lot of questions to fully understand and listens. He intentionally builds relationships that create trust. Through those relationships, Christian has partnered with several teachers to enhance their classrooms to allow students to dig deeper and own their learning."


  • Tony Miller - SGAHS Teacher
    • "Tony is CONTINUALLY doing things for the staff and the students. He gets the kids involved, also! Tony goes above and beyond to connect with students. Every year we see the effects of the relationships he has built and the lives he has impacted."


Descriptions of Recognition Categories

Connecting With Others: 
Those who have gone above and beyond in connecting peers, students, and or community members in order to expand opportunities for each other, the district, and/or our students. 

Engaging in Rigorous Learning:
Those who have provided opportunities for students, themselves, and/or each other that challenge, engage, or expand capacities and/or cultivate learning.

Owning the Learning:
Those who have encouraged others to explore, discuss, research, and/or investigate to help others or themselves find answers and/or work together.

Solving Complex Problems:
Those who have worked creatively toward solving an issue or have identified a problem and have brought forward potential solutions to that problem. They do not give up easily, whether they are helping a student, peer, or themselves. They may also have fostered creative problem-solving among students or peers. 

Those who have gone above and beyond to form positive relationships and to serve our Spring Grove community. This person serves as a connection and sets out to encourage, equip and empower our students, faculty, staff, and families.

Those who recognize that all people need chains of human connection; everyone deserves someone who tries to bring them back to shore when the tides are tough. Chain-makers see problems and actively try to solve those problems. They are solution forward. They lend their strength to others when they are in need of support.