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January Rocket Staff Recognition

January Rocket Staff Recognition

Each month, the District recognizes staff members who exemplify the core principles of our "Learning Without Limits" philosophy and are celebrated and awarded for their outstanding contributions. In line with our tenets of solving complex problems, connecting with others, engaging in rigorous learning, and owning the learning, the peer-nominated program highlights those who consistently go above and beyond to foster innovation, teamwork, and personal development. 

January Rocket Recognition Winners

Connecting With Others:

  • Stacy White, Spring Grove Elementary Building Administrative Assistant

    • "Stacy is the face of our SGE family! She is the rock that keeps the building going! Stacy not only supports the office and the needs of our families, students, and staff there, but she also spends additional time supporting the regular maintenance of the building! She is always willing to jump in and lend a helping hand when something is needed for the staff, student, or a family! We are very lucky to have her supporting the SGE team each day!"

  • Sarah Thompson, Paradise Elementary Attendance Administrative Assistant

    • "Sarah's contributions to PES are wonderful, as she consistently goes above and beyond in her role. With a perpetual smile, she exemplifies patience and kindness while assisting parents and visitors. Sarah's eagerness to learn and confront challenges head-on reflects her exceptional dedication to the team and students."

Engaging in Rigorous Learning:

  • Nina Fenstermacher, Spring Grove Area Middle School Teacher
    • "Nina had her students write letters and Christmas cards to the residents of Windy Hill. She also has students work on communicating with their own parents about their achievements by practicing email writing. She also brings in people from the community to meet with her horse and pony club to give students first-hand information about horses."
  • Christopher Myers, Spring Grove Area Intermediate School Teacher
    • "Chris actively engages his students and fosters a sense of involvement within the community. His initiative in organizing the SGI Cultural Day showcases his dedication to celebrating diversity and inclusivity. Chris's efforts enrich the educational experience and promote cultural understanding and appreciation."

Owning the Learning:

  • Lindsey Tracey, Spring Grove Area Middle School Teacher
    • "Lindsey is always going above and beyond to help her students. She is constantly thinking of new ways to adapt our course and is relearning new ways to explain and teach things to her students. Despite not being a curriculum leader, she takes on extra responsibilities to help lead the Middle School's Special Education Department. She also volunteers to be a team leader and takes it upon herself to help students who are struggling on her team."
  • Jamie Tharp, Paradise Elementary Reading Specialist
    • "Mrs. Tharp supports Paradise Elementary and the Title I Reading Program in many ways and always seeks creative ways to solve complex problems. She will support us in completing assessments, looking at data, and planning for instruction. She also works closely with families to encourage parent and family engagement."

Solving Complex Problems:

  • Kim Renoll, Krise Transportation Bus Driver
    • "Kim Renoll is the bus driver of Bus #16 for Krise Transportation and a former graduate of Spring Grove. Kim's quick response to stop her bus, get out of her seatbelt, and assist a student who was having an active seizure was remarkable.  Her calmness, professionalism, and knowledge averted a serious medical emergency. Kim's previous communication with her students about emergency situations aided in a positive outcome. She had a student radio for assistance, giving all the details of what was occurring and where they were located so we could contact 911."
  • Tammy Luckenbaugh, Spring Grove Elementary Custodian
    • "Tammy began her custodial career at SGE in June 2023. Since then, she has exhibited a profound dedication to completing the tasks associated with her assigned areas. In addition, she displays daily team support and is not afraid to adjust her workload to help in areas assigned to other team members. She has been a model employee to SGE and her fellow team members. She proves this with her perfect attendance. She is reliable and respectful to her work associates and all members of the SGE staff. We are extremely proud that Tammy chose SGE!"