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December Rocket Staff Recognition

December Rocket Staff Recognition

Each month, the District recognizes staff members who exemplify the core principles of our "Learning Without Limits" philosophy and are celebrated and awarded for their outstanding contributions. In line with our tenets of solving complex problems, connecting with others, engaging in rigorous learning, and owning the learning, the peer-nominated program highlights those who consistently go above and beyond to foster innovation, teamwork, and personal development. 

December Rocket Recognition Winners

Connecting With Others:

  • Andrew Smith, District Maintenance Support

    • "AJ showcases a friendly demeanor regardless of what is going on in his busy day. Despite variables in the weather, he will smile and wave while directing traffic each morning.  AJ will stop and answer any questions staff may have. His dedication to the district spans decades, from his time as a student to the present as a devoted employee. His deep roots here allow him to forge meaningful relationships with others."

  • Darla Dwyer, Spring Grove Area Middle School Counseling Administrative Assistant

    • "Darla goes above and beyond for the betterment of students, staff, parents, and the school community at large. As a dedicated staff member, she takes the initiative to learn new things while fostering a safe space for students at the Middle School. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face and is willing to assist in any way possible. Her organizational skills are commendable, and her passion for all things SGASD is much appreciated and valued. Many times, we feel we would be lost without Darla. She is exceptional and truly an asset to the district."

Engaging in Rigorous Learning:

  • Sarah Moore, Paradise Elementary Teacher
    • "Sarah is always doing her very best to support and find answers to help her students. Her classroom is filled with learning in fun ways. When she needs to advocate for her students, believe me, she does!!! She is a wonderful and giving teacher."
  • Jessica Gibble, Spring Grove Area Intermediate School Teacher
    • "Jessica is an energetic teacher who fosters a love for rigorous learning in her classroom. Her passion for math is contagious, and she skillfully connects complex concepts to real-life examples. Jessica encourages active participation, creating a supportive environment where students collaborate and share ideas. She strikes a perfect balance between structure and flexibility, providing clear explanations while promoting diverse problem-solving approaches. Recognizing and celebrating student achievements, she turns mistakes into learning opportunities. Jessica inspires her students to excel and reach their full potential in math and beyond."

Owning the Learning:

  • Stacey Bupp, Spring Grove Elementary Teacher
    • "Stacey desires to know her kiddos and build strong relationships to help them be successful, no matter their needs. When presented with a struggling need, Stacey took the time to connect and help support a student to achieve their academic and emotional abilities. Her can-do attitude supports a positive outlook on each new day and the opportunity to find strategies that work for all."
  • Andrew Howell, Paradise Elementary Teacher
    • "Andy has dove into a new building and new subject area this year! He has a desire to learn and grow in his understanding of 3rd-grade content and data. His learning supports his students learning as he stretches himself to understand the best ways to meet their individual needs! Andy thrives when he sees his students succeed and takes the time to work with a team to ensure that happens for every student who enters his room!"

Solving Complex Problems:

  • Virginia Adams, Spring Grove Area Middle School Head Cook​​​​​​​
    • "As a Head Cook, Ginny consistently faces multifaceted challenges. The last couple of months have been particularly hard. From staffing shortages to special dietary needs to event catering and daily menus, Ginny handles each situation gracefully under pressure. Ginny goes above and beyond at special events to make the meal memorable. Most importantly, through it all, Ginny never loses sight of our students and provides them with delicious, nutritious meals. She is a shining example of the spirit and values of Spring Grove Area School District."
  • Jennifer Dugan, New Salem Elementary Counselor​​​​​​​
    • "Jen has the ability to seek the positive and remove barriers through her out-of-the-box thinking and the strong relationships that she builds with students, staff, and families! There is nothing she can't accomplish or problem-solve if it relates to our kiddos! She loves each student and provides the means for families and our staff to serve them so they grow and learn each day!"